May 21, 2013

IVR Audit – why and how to do it?

by Evelyn

What is an IVR audit? Are IVR audits and IVR usability tests one and the same?

They may be similar in their quest of improving the IVR system but while Usability tests are typically conducted before a system go-live, an IVR audit is usually conducted after the system is already been in place  and used for some time.  IVR Audit is most commonly conducted to determine if the IVR is performing optimally and in compliance to best practices (especially on security benchmark for banks and financial institutions).

In a nutshell, an IVR audit:

  • Provides quantified measures for improved and effective design decisions

  • Provides assessment and useful recommendations to deliver higher user acceptance rates

  • Compares your existing IVR with proven industry best practices

  • Compares your existing IVR with successful real world implementation

There are many versions of an IVR audit and these audits are usually performed in either one or a mixture of the following approaches:

 1. Paper Evaluation and Call-In Audit;
This usually audits your existing IVR against global standards and pre-determined indices. Generally, you’ll get an idea on the effectiveness of your IVR system. You’ll discover too, how your utilization rate compares against your industry benchmarks. Some auditors will include a comprehensive analysis on what your competitor is doing and what you can learn from them.

2.  Content management evaluation
This includes a review and assessment on your:

    • Call flows & scripts

    • Translations & voice talent

    • Production and recordings

3.    IVR structure evaluation
This audit includes structure testing of the IVR system to identify problem areas and improvement spots for efficiency of routing.  It’ll evaluate:

-       the accuracy of your IVR instructions

-       routing structure

-       termination structure

4.    Caller Satisfaction / Panel Call-In Evaluation
(aka “Mystery Shopper” approach)
This approach evaluates your IVR’s service quality, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Through a series of survey questions and scenarios, you’ll discover what are your callers’ challenges to self-service and task completion. Your findings will discover the correlation of your IVR satisfaction with loyalty and validate if your IVR is improving usability and caller satisfaction.

5.    Caller Satisfaction / Live Caller – Call-Back
This is often live telephone surveys conducted by trained interviewers shortly after a customer interaction. This assessment is to measure key aspects of customer satisfaction and phone-based customer service quality. It helps you to understand if you have IVR problems such as wait times, ease of reaching an agent, agent professionalism and problem resolution. These findings often benefit agent coaching and training initiatives, too.

So, if you have comments such as,
“Our customers often hang up in our IVR”
“Our competitor’s IVR sounds better than ours”
“Our customers find our IVR hard to get around and they just don’t like the experience at all”…

then, it’s about time you have an IVR audit.

Find out about IVR audits with  McGirvanmedia by simply sending us an email at

Evelyn has recently escaped from a 12-year maddening rat race. Managing local and regional accounts for telecommunication solution providers, she knows too well the value of a good customer experience and effective communication. As a new member of the team, she hopes to share interesting updates and random musings with you at McGirvanmedia (Asia) Sdn. Bhd.


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