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Agents Work force for Call Center, that undertakes inbound or outbound calls
Auto Attendant An automated attendant (also auto attendant) system allows callers to be automatically transferred to a user’s extension without the intervention of a receptionist.
Brand A brand has functional and emotional elements which create a relationship between customers and the product or service.
Brand audit A brand audit is a comprehensive and systematic examination of a brand involving activities (both tangible and intangible) to assess the health of the brand, uncover its sources of equity and suggest ways to improve and leverage that equity. The brand audit requires the understanding of brand equity sources from the perspective of both the firm and the consumer.
Brand equity The brand equity concept stresses the importance of a brand in marketing strategies, and has become a leading indicator measuring the strength and value of a brand. Brand equity is defined in terms of the marketing effects uniquely attributable to the brand. Brand equity relates to the fact that different outcomes result in the marketing of a product or service because of its brand name, as compared to if the same product or service did not have that name. Brand equity can be measured across different dimensions like brand awareness, brand loyalty, perceived quality, brand associations etc
Brand internalization The process to effectively convey the nuances of the brand to all the organization’s employees while building the brand.
Call flow Schematic diagram that depicts the flow from one point to another in terms of an IVR or Auto Attendant design.
IVR interactive voice response, or IVR, is a phone technology that allows a computer to detect voice and touch tones using a normal phone. The IVR system can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct callers on how to proceed.
PHONESELL ™ On hold marketing Marketing tool used to promote, reinforce, educate and direct callers over the phone. Message is mixed with music and will drop in at any point during the On Hold period.
Process audit Complete evaluation of the effectiveness of the current process
Process improvement Enhancement that is based on the findings of the process measurements and other information about the problems in the current process.
Prompts A series of simple menu choices broken down for the IVR recording
Re-branding The process by which a product or service developed with one brand, company or product line affiliation is marketed or distributed with a different identity. This may involve radical changes to the brand’s logo, brand name, image, marketing strategy, and advertising themes, these changes are typically aimed at the repositioning of the brand/company, usually in an attempt to distance itself from certain negative connotations of the previous branding, or to move the brand up market.
Re-engineering The radical redesign of an organization’s processes, especially its business processes, rather than organizing a firm into functional specialties (like production, accounting, marketing, etc) and looking at the tasks that each function performs, we should, according to the reengineering theory, be looking at complete processes from materials acquisition, to production, to marketing and distribution. The firm should be re-engineered into a series of processes.
Script A MOH script may consist short teaser messages that’s no more than 40 words per paragraph. 1 page being 300 words or part thereof.
Training audit Complete evaluation of every function tied to the learning and training
UAT testing User Acceptance Testing is the final “live” test before releasing an IVR production on air

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