» What Kind of Experience Are You Giving Your Customers When They Call You?

Complete the questions below to get a rough idea of where you stand. Select the most appropriate answer for each question and find out how you score.

1. Customers are segmented before their calls are answered:

a. Automatically based on number dialed

b. By information they enter in response to prompts

c. Not at all

d. Random
2. While on hold, callers hear:

a. Music plus informative information

b. Music

c. Annoying chimes or corporate song

d. Silence
3. Your IVR prompts are kept fresh and updated:

a. Regularly, in line with promotions

b. Ad hoc when new product information is available

c. Occasionally, 1 or 2 times a year

d. Never
4. Your IVR prompts have:

a. Been professionally recorded to match style, image and brand of your organization

b. Been recorded in a studio by internal staff

c. Using prompts given by vendor

d. Recorded on-site into IVR system
5. Your IVR prompts are:

a. Designed from the caller’s point of view and user-tested

b. Arranged in logical order based on user needs

c. Designed primarily to reduce the need for live agents

d. Easily misunderstood, frustrating
6. You review your call flows and adjust them to customer needs:

a. Frequently, in response to real-time conditions

b. Whenever major changes in business conditions occur

c. Only at set intervals

d. Never

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