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That’s how good you’ll sound over the phone with our distinct touch.

Your IVR is indispensable to opening boundless marketing opportunities and building better brand experience. Work with us and we will show you how

If your customers are finding it difficult to navigate your IVR system then talk to us. We think out-of-the-box to translate complex IVR ideas into straightforward designs for a seamless caller experience. We call it, humanizing the IVR experience.

Our IVR services extend beyond recording, to include: IVR design, script creation and review, translations, recording, and implementation support. Get all that you need in just one place at an affordable investment.

And, seriously, we’re the Asian specialists. With a complete range of IVR services in over 24 Asian Languages to choose from, you can be assured we’ve got your business covered anywhere in the continent. Well, except, maybe, for Lhasa.

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Have your callers experience pleasant and easy to navigate


Keep it to 5 options and 3 levels :- Humans short term memory has a limitation in how many items they can remember when presented with information. This is made even more difficult by the information only being presented in the audio channel. Keep Menus to no more than 5 items and recommended depth of menus to no more than 3 levels

Simplify language :- Write in the words that your callers will understand. Keep the sentences short and with simple language. Use no jargon or clump too many options together. If your customer does not understand where to go on your IVR they are most likely to make a wrong selection and be transferred to the wrong place

Professional beats inhouse recording :- Imagine being presented with bad audio and different voices when your customers call you. Take the time to dress up your telephone channel. Afterall, you have spent a lot of your marketing dollar getting customers to call you – so put your best brand foot forward


Making the customer authenticate up front. A lot of IVR systems do this. They may recognize you from the telephone number and then proceed to try to authenticate you before you have even told the system what you want to do! This is very annoying and sure to frustrate the caller. Let me give you an analogy. Imagine going to your local bank branch and having the security guard or officer stop you at the door and ask for ID before you can enter. Would you accept that? I am not saying that you don’t need to authenticate (specially when the caller wants to make changes etc) .. but make sure you do it at the appropriate time or else the customer will just enter rubbish, fail 3 times and get transferred to an agent – all your work is wasted.

Confusing menus This happens all the time. You are so familiar with your service you tend to have a blind bias as to what language the customer uses. Or worse the menu options don’t explain clearly enough what lies behind that selection. Use clear action language that customers will understand.

Your IVR does not include the task the user wants to use Find out what the most repetitive tasks are and put them on the IVR. It is recommended you do not hide the option speak to an agent for this scenario, or its embedded so deep it is hard to find. A good way to communicate some of your self serve options is to advise customers at relevant steps that they can complete this request ‘faster’ and ‘easier’ on the IVR. Also, it is always a good rule to start with your most common service requests in the IVR menu. Your customers will appreciate not having to listen to long options and go straight to their desired action.

There’s no trust the information in the system is accurate In order to get your customers using your IVR you need to continuously market to them and tell them all the possibilities that are available Sell it to them and show them the benefits of using the IVR and don’t forget to communicate this at every touch point such as on hold, on-line, Live chats, Facebook ..etc
Your agents must support and encourage the platform use when they take a call for doing a request that can be done on self serve.

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